Stock Notifications

If products in your store go out of stock you can choose to display a little notification box through which customers and visitors can subscribe to receive a notification if said product is available again. Depending on if the current user is logged in or just a visitor separate informations are required. Registered customers can  subscribe to a desired product with one click and later manage their stock subscriptions in their customer center. Visitors need to enter their email address and get sent an email containing a link that needs to be clicked to activate the notification.

Here is what customers see on a product that is out of stock and enabled for stock notifications:

Customer View

Not subscribed:


Customers can click on „Manage Notifications“ to see products they are subscribed to and delete them.


Visitor view

Not subscribed:

E-Mail entered and clicked on „Notify Me!“



Once the customer filled out the form he will receive the following email (standard mails can be managed  through the admin settings) :



The visitor now has the option to opt-in or opt-out of the stock notification. Keep in mind that you are able to change the style and the text this email uses in the admin settings. If a visitor doesn’t react to this email his notification request will be deleted 12 hours after the initial request. This helps with keeping the database clean. Depending on the button that gets pressed in this mail the notification either gets activated or deleted. Visitors can delete their request anytime if they click on the delete notification button. This even holds true if they previously activated the notification.


Case: Visitor activates

Case: Visitor deletes

Back in stock notification mail:

Once a product is back in stock subscribers revieve the following mail.