Stock Notifications – Basic Settings

Inside of the settings section of Stock Notifications you can change some basic settings surrounding stock notifications.



„Enable Stock Notifications“

This option lets you globally deactivate Stock Notifications. Outstanding notifications will still be sent once the subscribed products are back in stock. New subscriptions will not be accepted and no subscription form will be displayed anywhere on the site.


„Text for Subscribe Button“

Changes the text of the subscribe button visible to customers as well as visitors.


„Account Page Intro Text“

The text you specify here will be displayed inside of the „My Account“ subpage.


„Mails to send at a time“

Stock Notifications get sent out once every hour. By limiting the maximum amount of emails that can be sent out at a time you can keep your mails from beeing flaged as spam. In most use cases 20 mails per hour should be a good balance. Please Note: This setting acts independent of the mails that you can be sent through the wishlist section of the plugin.