Wishlist – Overview

All wishlists can be managed by admins and shop managers. You can change wishlist information, delete wishlists and change products inside of lists. Its also possible to create new wishlists and assign them directly to a customer.




1 – Create new Wishlist

This button forwards you to the creation of a new wishlist. Inside of the editor you can then select a title, a descriptions, the privacy and assign the wishlist to a customer.

2 – Bulk Actions

You can bulk delete many wishlists at once.

3 – Wishlist Table

The wishlist table shows you basic information about the currently saved lists. You see how many items are in a list, what the privacy setting is and when the particular list was created. Each wishlist can also be edited by hovering over the entry and clicking on the „edit“ button.


Editing Wishlists



1 – Wishlist Details

  • ID: The ID the wishlist has in the database
  • User: The user that created the wishlist / the user this wishlist was assigned to
  • Link: The link to the wishlist (only visible if the wishlist is set to public or link)
  • Name: the title of the wishlist
  • Description: the description of the wishlist
  • Privacy: the privacy setting the wishlist currently has
  • Notification: defines wehter the user receives notifications for products inside of the wishlist or not
  • Delete after Purchase: defines wehter products from this wishlist should get deleted if purchased by the customer


2 – Wishlist Contents

This table displays all the products currently found inside of the wishlist. You can choose to delete products or change quantities.


3 – Adding new Products to Wishlist



Use this form to add new products to the wishlist. The form supports variable products as shown in the picture above. To add the selected product to the wishlist you need to click on the „Add to Wishlist“ Button.


4 – Save or Delete Wishlist

The two buttons at the end of the form allow you to either save the current wishlist or delete it. The save button saved all information currently changed. It also takes the currently defined quantities into consideration.


Creating New Wishlists



While creating a new wishlist you first have to select a customer that new list should be assigned to. You can use the input field to search for users. The field accepts wildcards like „*“ so you can do a quicker search by typing only a few characters. A name for the wishlist is required, the description field can be left empty if you so desire. The privacy setting defines who can see the wishlist. The form also allows you the set settings for notifications like price drops or special promotions and wehter products should automatically be deleted from the list once the customer purchases them.

You can start to fill the new wishlist by clicking on the „Continue“ button. After clicking on „Continue“ you will be presented with the basic wishlist editor through which you can add products to the wishlist.